“Bozic delights in surprising people. He almost wants to be mistaken for a lunk, so that he can prove otherwise… It’s like Charles Bronson wandering mug alley with a loaded gun.”

— The New Yorker

10,000 Knocks / A Life in Six Rounds / Documentary
After the Second World War, the Communist Party seized property throughout Yugoslavia. Its actions left Bob Bozic’s family homeless and started a journey that has come full circle over six decades later. The family fled to Canada where Bozic was born and given up to the foster child system. He lived as a vagrant, rounder, heavyweight boxer, and bank robber. Now, as a father, Bozic, after 62 years, wants his house back. As he travels to Belgrade to reclaim his heritage, Bozic revisits his past lives and reflects on the punches pulled and the many more taken.

Produced by Dušan Sekulović & Henry Fernaine




NATARAJA / Animated Documentary
Inspired by a Bridget Riley painting, and in collaboration with architect Samir S. Shah of Urban Quotient, Nataraja explores the movement and impact of urban environments by using statistics and metadata to illustrate a “living” representation of these urban organisms with CG and traditional celluloid animation techniques.

Produced by Dušan Sekulović & Samir S. Shah



“The past and the present are destined to collide in a Gabriel García Márquez tale of a “Hundred Years of Solitude.” … The ending had a “Lord of the Flies” quality and T.Williams’ “Suddenly Last Summer” which is haunting and makes one race over the story in one’s mind to revisit the clues that lead to the inevitable ending.”

— BlueCat Award Review

The Folly of the Cicada / A Mediterranean Tale
Cornered by summer wildfires on a lost Adriatic island, two sisters on a road-trip discover a deserted cove and imagine an innocent day of skinny-dipping — however a secluded nearby village is already aware of them. As an old village rivalry escalates into an obsession for our seductive interlopers, the sisters unravel a tragedy that they all have conspired to forget in a fatal twist of faith written seventeen years earlier.

In pre-production



“Nikoleta Sekulović is straight out of a BBC sitcom as tissue-hoarding emotional wreck Anny, an over-the-top performance which works for this quirky comedy. Lael Logan as Tina manages to evoke Rachel McAdams in both looks and charm. With solid comedic material at its core and a satisfyingly sweet ending, Pussyfoot ends up scoring… lots of laughs.”

— Florida Premiere Review by A. Jones

Pussyfoot / 97min / Romantic-Comedy
A bristly-faced resident expat, Irwin Pelkalvski, experiences his second coming-of-age in New York City. Polish polka bars, confusing self-help books and a mythical hooker who never sleeps with her clients confound his American journey.